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Updated: Feb 17, 2021

We want to share with you a great article by the brilliant Jennifer Jacobs (UCSB) and Nadya Peek (UW). One of the most creative and comprehensive studies on adaptation to remote learning for a fabrication curriculum that we have yet to see. A great example, not only for the specific projects and technique but for thoughtful adaptation and keeping students engaged with remote work. Thinking and adaptation like this not only works to overcome current challenges - but may discover whole new ways to learn and collaborate.

The Digital Studio Project works to augment and extend foundational fabrication coursework. We give students access to remote opportunities that would not be found even in the best-equipped university labs. As the pandemic recedes, we see distance-learning components continuing to emerge as an everyday tool of future pedagogy. The Digital Studio Project aspires to be more than a stopgap in the current crisis but to pioneer new tools that bring equity and access.

The Digital Studio Project is currently soliciting schools and studio facilities. If you are interested in how you can participate, please contact the Digital Studio Project at:

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