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Digital Studio Project - Call for participation

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

The Digital Studio Project will work to help schools retool for the pandemic crisis by providing online studio learning facilities to universities. Our core offerings are a selection of remotely accessible studio facilities for art, design, and architecture programs.

Faculty Network Open:

The Digital Studio Project is seeking qualified faculty to join our faculty network.

  • This is a network of qualified faculty who are available to teach a curriculum using our studios. Please refer to the Fall 2020 Studio list.

  • Faculty must be available for at least one online section this coming semester.

  • Please sign up for our network using the membership login in the website header. You will be directed to a faculty application.

To be clear - the Digital Studio Project does not directly contract faculty. Our program is designed to support existing faculty and universities. Our programs work essentially as facility rentals, not as a complete course with a set instructor. Institutions will contract directly with faculty according to their own standards and practices.

In the case that a school may need qualified faculty, Digital Studio Project will suggest available staff from our faculty network. All faculty must be highly experienced professors and subject experts in the studio they choose to offer.

We are also seeking additional roles that may sign up using our member sign up. These include studio assistants and device operators. These roles must be local to a studio and available this semester to assist faculty and students. Additionally, lecturers and collaborators are available to complement certain studios. If you have an interest in these roles please note the role in your application.

Partner Opportunity: Seeking Administration and Curriculum Lead

We are seeking a founder / partner role to lead academic relationships and curriculum development. This is a founding/equity role with an opportunity to transition to a full time paid role. The project currently consists of a small core network of founders working remotely. This is an opportunity for someone to join a project at the foundation level who may have an interested in making an immediate and long term impact in online education.

This role will assist in building the initial core project offer and project launch. The project is launching this week and we are looking for someone that would be able to jump in immediately and commit to the project through at least the end of 2020. The project already has significant interest and ambitious long term plans.


  • Help to advise and form our academic offerings, including facilities and digital curriculum.

  • Guide and structure relationships with participating universities.

  • Lead academic negotiations and contract development

  • Assist in the marketing and sales process

  • Assist in the development of project programs such as artist and project collaborations

Required Experience:

  • University administration - preferably with art, design, and architecture programs.

  • Digital curriculum development and distance learning programs.

  • University contracting practices

  • Experience or Interest in art / creative technology / digital fabrication

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