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 The Digital Studio Project provides unique remote studio programs and facilities for higher education. 


For Schools.

At the moment, the Digital Studio Project only offers our programs directly to universities. We support participating institutions as a "remote facility" replacing traditional studio facilities in the case of restricted facility access in Fall 2020. Our facilities are provided as a service to your institution, and the student experience is completely integrated with your program. 


From the perspective of participating students, these are your facilities. Classes using our facilities may be offered and accredited as any other in your program. Our experience is not branded and students are not solicited by us in any way. 


The Digital Studio Project supports all studios with technical assistance and qualified studio assistants. We work with your faculty and facilities staff to integrate the studio experience into your program. 


 What we provide: 

  • Digital curriculum 

  • Remote learning technology assistance

  • Guest lectures with notable artists and figures.

  • Additional class assets: ie, Studio visits.

  • Model and prototype fabrication, Material samples.


Interested in learning more? Connect with us for Spring / Fall 2023 Programming.

For Studios.

The Digital Studio Project functions as a platform for a selection of remotely accessible studio facilities. Each studio offers an interactive studio experience for students. Our studios are selected from the most advanced digital studios practices in the world. We are continuously adding studios to our roster and welcome submissions from interested studio partners. Our studios must meet the following criteria for consideration. 

 Digital Studios: 

  • Proven experience with academic programming

  • Offer instruction in a relevant and transferable skillset

  • Offer a unique capability, not common to standard fab studios

  • Staff on hand to assist students with studio operations and solve local issues. 

  • Can provide remote operation of equipment for students

  • Remote video access for students - students can watch projects in process

  • Production of a physical object as classwork deliverable

If you are interested in participating in the Digital Studio Project as a studio provider. Please reach out to us directly. 

For Teachers & Students.

Our facilities are designed to support your existing faculty and programs. The Digital Studio Project does not directly contract faculty. Our programs are essentially a facility rental. In the case that you may need qualified faculty, Digital Studio Project will suggest available qualified faculty from our faculty network. Institutions will contract directly with faculty according to your standards and practices. 


Due to the unique and advanced nature of our studios, all faculty must be qualified for each particular studio. If your faculty is not qualified in our faculty network, a digital curriculum must be purchased from the Digital Studio Project. 

If you are a teacher interested in participating in the Digital Studio Project faculty network please sign up with the membership login above and fill out a faculty application. We will contact you with additional information. 

Our Technology Partners.


The Digital Studio Project uses Dropbox collaboration tools at the heart of its remote learning process. Dropbox spaces and Paper are exceptional tools to organize projects and collaborate online. 

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