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 Remarkable experiences  for online learning. 

 Our Mission:  We understand that studio work is an integral part of fine art, design, architecture, and other applied curricula. The Digital Studio Project is an extraordinary collection of remotely accessible studio facilities, assembled to both assist schools in the immediate crisis and working towards developing compelling and affordable resources for new educational models.​ We have designed a series of studios that will provide students with unique practical learning experiences and crucial skillsets for next-generation studio practices.

  • We provide resources to colleges and universities.

  • Interactive studios.  NOT canned video content.

  • We work with your existing faculty.

  • Facilities for Art, Architecture, and Design.

  • With programs designed by experienced faculty.

  • Seamlessly integrated into your existing programs.

 Answer to the challenge facing Education  In the case of a necessary hybrid or remote learning, schools worldwide are struggling to redesign programs for distance learning. Studio and hands-on classes are a key component for many programs and access to these may be a deciding factor for many students. Programs that require remote studio offerings may not have the resources to build new workflows. Many schools may not have robotic and other digitally accessible labs, and simply need to augment facilities. .

Digital Studios offers an opportunity for these programs to quickly add a crucial asset. All of our studios on offer are existing projects with deep experience in remote operation and distance learning.

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 Fine Art 

 Industrial Design 

Compelling programs for a variety of disciplines. 


 Direct to Universities:  The Digital Studio Project offers our programs directly to universities. We support participating institutions as a "remote facility" replacing traditional studio facilities in the case of restricted access and adding capabilities on-demand for expanding program offers.


 Seamless Integration:  Our facilities are provided as a service to your institution, and the student experience is completely integrated with your program. Classes using our facilities are offered and accredited as any other in your program. Our experience is not branded and students are not solicited by us in any way.

 A Solid Academic Record:  Our unique remote studio classes built by established and highly experienced faculty. Our studios are based on existing programs developed at leading universities and have many years of proven student experience.


 Unique Programs:  Our studios offer unparalleled experiences and critical skills for art, design, and architecture students. In a market flooded with remote education options, our studios offer a direct experience that cannot be matched by passive video or virtual-only classwork. 

Learn more about digital studios:

 Lab time is booking now for Summer/Fall 2023. We will be adding additional programs and studios in the coming weeks. 


 A path forward:  Our program offers the unique opportunity to transition to physical experiences once restrictions are lifted. The Digital Studio Project provides both remote learning and physical experiences. Our digital studios are in fact the online component of a remarkable collection of existing studio programs.


All our remote course offerings serve as a foundation for ongoing programs in art, design, and architecture, and will lead to more advanced opportunities and hands-on practicum experiences. Students can be assured that working remotely today maintains the trajectory of their studies and leads to exciting future projects.

Learn more about our practicum programs:

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2023 Studios

 New studios being added soon.

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